Ashdon Acupuncture Covid-19 Safe Practice Policy and Guidelines


The health and safety of everyone who comes to Ashdon Acupuncture Clinic is paramount. In accordance with The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) Covid-19 safe practice policy, please read current guidelines below (as of January 2022 and subject to change).

Before your appointment

We need to check whether it is safe to treat you at the moment and will therefore ask you to read and sign the BAcC Covid-19 consent form (please find link at the bottom of this page) before your treatment can go ahead. If it is not safe to treat you, a telephone or online consultation may be an alternative.

Going to the Clinic

Please travel light and take very little with you into the clinic. If possible, leave bags and coats in the car. A wipeable ‘bucket’ will be available for belongings and clothes. Please attend the clinic alone unless you need a chaperone, parent or carer.

Your Treatment

Special arrangements are now in place to safeguard you when you go for acupuncture:

  • You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer on arrival and following  your treatment at the clinic

  • Consultations will take place at a 2m distance (as before). During the  treatment, I will be wearing a mask and would request that you do the same.

You can either bring your own or masks will be available in the clinic.

  • Towels are changed after each patient.

  • Massage techniques will be carried out wearing gloves and are limited at this time. Heat lamps and moxa are unaffected.

After your treatment

The clinic treatment room is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and aired between patients.

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms, or receive a confirmed diagnosis within 48 hours of attending Ashdon Acupuncture, please inform: NHS Test and Trace Service and Ashdon Acupuncture.

I’m sure you will understand these protocols are for everyone’s safety.

Appointments can be made by phone: 07841263020 or 01799 584494, or by email:


Charmian Wylde

January 2022